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How Debt Reduction Works & How You Can Benefit

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Why You Need a Debt Professional?

There are countless reasons that can cause even the most financially responsible person among us to get into overwhelming debt, including underemployment, job loss or a salary reduction, divorce or medical bills. If you are one of the countless American consumers struggling with ever-increasing bills, or collection letters, despite your hard work and sacrifice to pay your bills, you might be considering filing for bankruptcy. Many people are aware of bankruptcy and the stigma attached to it, but fewer are aware of the alternative form of debt relief: Debt Settlement.

How Debt Settlement Works

Debt settlement is a legal process of debt reduction where the creditor and debtor agree to a reduced payoff that, once settled, will be regarded as payment in full.
When you are unable to make the minimum monthly payments on unsecured debt such as credit cards or medical bills, balances continue to grow due to ongoing interest and late fees. To stop this vicious cycle of ever-increasing debt, negotiations between the creditor and us can result in a reduced balance that you can realistically pay off with regular payments.

Debt settlement can lower consumer’s debt balances dramatically and save you from the stigma of bankruptcy. The creditor, who risks losing all monies owed if bankruptcy is filed, still regains a large part of the debt.

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Settling Debt can truly be a winning solution all around by avoiding bankruptcy, stopping creditor harassment, satisfying your debts and saving money!

How Our Debt Settlement Program Can Help You Settle Debt

Getting in touch with Nationwide Debt Reduction Services debt counselors, well versed in the debt and credit industry, is your first step towards settling debts. Knowledgeable and skilled debt settlement certified debt counselors are qualified to review your case and determine with you which debt-relief option is right for you.
Once you retain the services of Nationwide Debt Reduction Services, a long-term plan can be made to resolve your situation. Our debt help counselor will assist you every step of the way, from your initial debt negotiations to fulfilling your payment plan.

Reduce your stress by letting Nationwide Debt Reduction Services handle debt negotiations with your creditors for you. If creditors harass you or become abusive, Nationwide Debt Reduction Services will assist in enforcing the guidelines of the (FDCPA) Fair Debt Collection Practices Act to protect your rights.

With the help of our team of professionals’ years of experience in the debt industry, you can start repaying your debt with a realistic plan that you can handle.

Who Qualifies for Debt Help?

You do not need to be behind on your payments to ask for help! Review the following to determine if debt relief is needed. Do you agonize from any of the following?

  • Are your monthly expenses exceeding your earned income?
  • Are you using your credit cards to get by so you can afford to live (paying bills, buying gas, and groceries)?
  • Are your credit cards reaching the limits?
  • Have your interest rates risen to the teens, twenties, or thirties?
  • Has your credit score begun to go down?
  • Have you used all of your available resources to keep up with payments?
  • Are your minimum payments becoming a struggle?
  • Are you receiving collection letters or phone calls from creditors?
  • Have you used all of your available resources to keep up with payments?
  • Has a recent event caused you to go into default?
  • Are you considering Bankruptcy as an option?

If you answered yes to any of those questions above, you could be experiencing serious financial troubles sooner than you think.

Talk to a debt counselor today!

Avoid the trap and utilize Nationwide Debt Reduction Services’ proven debt settlement program to eliminate your debt and regain financial freedom!

Reviewing Your Options

There are five basic options available to you when dealing with your unsecured debt:

  1. Your first option is to pay minimum monthly payments, which can amount to about three times what you owe and can take over 28 years.
  2. Your second option is to declare bankruptcy, which will stay with you for 7-10 years and has many other serious negative consequences.
  3. Your third option is credit counseling, which will take about 4 – 7 years. You’ll pay about 150% of what you owe. More than half of all clients drop out of credit counseling before they complete their program.
  4. Your fourth option is debt consolidation: a lower monthly payment but a longer repayment period. It usually requires collateral and increases overall debt.
  5. Your fifth option, which is what we offer, is a negotiated settlement where you pay back roughly 50% – 60% of your what you owe when you enter the program, with interest and late fees effectively stopped, in 2 – 3 years or less. The cost includes our fees.

Our Program

We offer a full “financial wellness” program.  The first step in helping you achieve financial wellness is eliminating your debt, thereby getting you into a better position to have substantial savings for your future. Our goal is for you to be earning interest, rather than paying interest.

We will begin by sending a copy of your Authorization to Communicate to each of your creditors, instructing them to contact us and not you! We will tell the creditors that you are currently dealing with a hardship situation. We’ll ask you to agree to have no contact with your creditors during the program.

During the program, you will not be making regular payments to your creditors. Instead, we will direct your monthly payment to a dedicated savings account.  As you make your monthly payments, your account builds in value over a specified period (12-36  months). When these funds build up to the point that we have enough to settle, we will, one at a time, offer your creditors settlements until all of your accounts have been settled.

Since you are not making the regular payments to your creditors, your credit rating will take a temporary dip during the program. Establishing creditworthiness is an integral part of financial wellness after the debt settlement program is complete.