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why you need a debt professional

We provide the solutions to eliminate your debt

There are countless reasons that can cause even the most financially responsible person among us to get into overwhelming debt, including underemployment, job loss, salary reduction, divorce or even medical bills.

How it works

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Of all your options, debt reduction lowers the amount of debt you owe so you can get back on your feet more quickly.

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No Upfront Fees

No Upfront Fees

We are pioneers of the ``no fee until your debt is settled`` model.

Reduce Your Debt

Reduce Your Debt

We have a proven track record of reducing debt by as much as 50%.

Eliminate Debt Quickly

Eliminate Debt Quickly

Our team works fast to eliminate your debt in just 12 to 36 months.

Lower Monthly Payments

Lower Monthly Payments

Get the peace of mind you deserve with one lower monthly payment.

Nationwide Debt Reduction Services holds the highest standards and requirements for our debt counselors so that you can feel comfortable speaking with us during your free consultation and debt analysis.

Call us toll-free: 888-987-1325

Our empowered customer service team houses employees who are armed with responsibility and feel they are making a contribution to the success of our company and more importantly, our customers.

The customer service phone number is: 888-297-8854

The experts responsible for negotiating directly with your creditors and getting your balances reduced to only fractions of what you currently owe. Each client is assigned their own dedicated settlement representative.

Fortunately, our settlements department is too busy answering calls from your creditors. Should you have any further questions please contact customer service: 888-297-8854


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Why Debt Reduction
Is A Good Idea

Our established relationships with most creditors,
 allows us to get you the lowest possible reduction in your balances.

Our average reduction 0%


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Million Dollars in Settlements




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Danielle Honaker
I finished paying off my debt right on schedule. I never had a problem getting someone on the phone and they were very sincere and kind, even though I was often embarrassed with my debt. If you are like me and have dug yourself into a hole, I would give them a call!

— Danielle Honaker

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James Adams
As a retired military veteran, I realized I was in too deep in debt and just couldn't seem to get out. I decided to call Nationwide Debt Reduction Services. I was very well taken care of and had positive results. I completed the program and am debt free and able to take better care of myself.

— James Adams

via Trust Pilot

Austin D.
I was having a terrible time with my credit card debt and the interest rates were so high there was no way I could catch up. I received a letter from nationwide and decided to call. My experience was extremely positive and far exceeded my expectations.

— Austin D.

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Linda S.
Silvia answered all of my questions and made me feel a lot better about everything.

— Linda S.

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one scholarship at a time.


Nationwide Debt Reduction Services delivers sound advice and timely service to clients with unmatched quality and integrity.

At NDRS, we invest in resources and continued education that leverage our expert team’s strength and performance in delivering the best program for our clients.

NDRS maintains discipline and focus within the company to ensure our operations meet the expectations of our clients, partners, employees, and stakeholders.

NDRS is reinforcing our commitment to excellence within the culture of our company to achieve superior results for our clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions,
 if your question isn’t listed below see our FAQs page.

Shouldn't I try to get a loan?

Borrowing more money at a high-interest rate will compound an existing debt problem. Additionally, many of those in debt find it difficult to qualify for loans and may need to secure the loan with an asset that can be easily seized by the bank. For other options, try our free consultation to see if Debt Reduction is right for you.

Should I enroll all of my credit cards in the program?

If you have one card with a low balance that you can quickly pay down to zero, then you should hold onto it for emergencies. However, the program will generally not work unless you enroll all of your high balance (greater than $500) high-interest rate credit cards. Otherwise, it makes it challenging for us to negotiate with your creditors if they can see that you are negotiating on their accounts but not others. Not to mention, your monthly payment may become unmanageable juggling those payments.

Could I negotiate on my own?

Yes, you can. Many people attempt DIY debt settlement. You can also do your taxes, repair your car, pull out your teeth. However, most people choose to get help for the best results. Why not leave these tasks to experienced people who earn their livelihood as experts in those lines of work?  Our team of debt negotiation specialists have only one job – negotiating reductions on your unsecured debts, five days of the week. Our knowledge and experience put us in the best position to stand up to your creditors and fight for the best settlement possible. We also know the letter of the law, and that is critical in finalizing your settlements.  Together, Nationwide Debt Reduction Services team of negotiation specialists are resolving millions of dollars of debt each month (and growing!).

How do I qualify for the program?

We offer a free consultation with our Senior Debt Consultants that includes a financial analysis to determine if you would benefit from the program. Our primary goal is to ensure that our program is a realistic solution to your particular situation. The last thing we want is to provide temporary relief – our goal is to eliminate your debt as cheaply and quickly as possible.

How does your program work?

Our Program is designed to mediate debt. We effectively negotiate an interest-free settlement on credit card debt (usually no more than $0.60 on the dollar, which includes our fees) and set up a payment schedule that eliminates the entire debt in 20 – 36 months. There is no penalty for accelerating your program by adding funds faster than you expect to do at the outset. We also have a unique, innovative program that enables our clients to accelerate the process further.

Will I receive phone calls from my creditors?

Yes.  There are federal and state laws to protect you from creditor harassment. However, the fact is that most of our clients experience some of these calls. Nationwide Debt Reduction Services’ goal is to have your creditors contact us, not you.   We will work with you minimize those calls. Also, we will provide tools to help you reduce those calls and ensure violators are appropriately handled.

Nationwide Debt Reduction Services

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We have a proven plan in place
to help you get rid of your debt and stay debt-free.

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